Learn more about Robert Pressley

Thank you for taking the time to be an informed voter. Robert Pressley is a current Buncombe County Commissioner and volunteer on several boards in our county.

Robert is a husband, father, grandfather and businessman in Buncombe County. Former NASCAR racecar driver and volunteer of Buncombe.

As a lifelong resident of Buncombe County, Robert Pressley is a strong advocate for the rivers, forests and Early Childhood programs of Buncombe County.

As a former race car driver and small business owner in Buncombe county, Robert understands the needs of the PEOPLE in our county and strives to make the changes needed in our county for all its residents.

Robert knows our frontline workers are key to the success and growth of our county. Supporting our law enforcement, EMT’s, Nurses and teachers, Robert will work to keep our county strong, safe and healthy.

Please vote Robert Pressley Buncombe County Commissioner Chair for the change and positive community growth of our county.