Hello Buncombe Residents!

Welcome, I am Robert Pressley and wish to be your next Commission Chair.

I thank you for taking the time to look up my site and learn more about me. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am an ex-NASCAR driver and I am now one of your County Commissioners. I have served you for four years, and have learned that the County Leadership needs to change. I am running for Chairman for the Buncombe County Commission as I wish to offer you that change. Myself and the other three Republican candidates need to be elected, so we will be able to bring change to the county.

As a business owner, I know what it takes to make you, the customer happy and still be able to pay the overhead.

11 thoughts on “Hello Buncombe Residents!”

  1. I voted for Robert Pressley because Buncombe County needs new leadership. We cannot continue to have our freedoms and rights stripped away by people who seek to destroy our beautiful city, county and state. Voting on the local level for commissioners, district house and senate representatives, judges, as well as the governor, has never been more important. Voting is a privilege and an honor that people in communist, government run countries do not have. Get out and vote for people who represent your morals and values and who want to make our country a safer, freer and better place for our children and for the generations to come. It starts at the local level!!

  2. I am in Southport but I voted for you by mail in vote. Hope it gets counted. I believe you will win. Freda Connie’s Mother

  3. Hola a todos del condado de Buncombe Co, mi persona y mis familiares van a votar por Roberto , como se dice el lo latino que Viva Roberto, no Viva, tendréis gratis perritos calientes. I will vote 🗳 for Robert Pressley el jefe amigos de los latinos

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